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PRO Top 30 New Pair of the Month August 2018

Crocs, Inc. vs. G-III Apparel Ltd. 38% CAGR, 8% Max DD

Newest addition to out Top 30 US Equities Pairs as of August 2018 – watch the volatility on this pair, position size conservatively!

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PairTrade Finder PRO Top 30 US Equities Pairs: August 2018 Update

Pair Trading Stocks Update: Summary review of newly updated Equities Pairs for PairTrade Finder PRO Top 30, with drill down on 4 pairs: 2 out-of-sample and 2 in-sample.  Outlines the addition of 19 new equities pairs and the maintenance of 11 equities pairs from the original 2017 list.

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Trade of the Month: July 2018

Medtronic plc (NYSE) vs. Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc. (NYSE)
17.1% Return on CFD Margin in 74 days
$555.72 on $10,000/leg

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Trade of the Month June 2018

Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq) vs. Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq)

$1,118 in 14 Days on $10,000/leg for 11.2%.

33.6% Return on Margin Deployed in 14 Days

(Assumes 6:1 CFD Leverage)

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Top US Equities Pairs: Trade of the Month May 2018

Eni (E:NYSE) vs. Sasoil (SSL:NYSE)

$708.03 in 25 days on $10,000/leg.

7.1% Return on Nominal Leg Value, 21.3% on 犀利士
CFD margin.

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Top 30 US Equities Pairs: Trade of the Month April 2018

Continental Resources Inc. (CLR:NYSE) vs WPX Energy, Inc. (WPX:NYSE)

Profit of $800.03 in 30 calendar days on $10,000/leg.  That’s 8.0% on nominal leg value and up to a 24.0% return on CFD margined equity (max 6:1).

Summary Profiles (Source: Yahoo! Finance, Company websites)

Continental Resources, Inc.explores for, develops and produces crude oil and natural gas properties in the north, south, and east regions of the United States.The company sells its crude oil and natural gas production to energy marketing companies,

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Tips when Trading Commodity ETFs

ETFs have become highly sought after investments due to their prices. Real commodities are expensive and need inventory, while ETFs are cheaper and do not need physical storage.

Buying ETFs is easy as they can be purchased through a service broker or an online provider. Despite this, however, there are specific considerations that traders must keep in mind when trading commodity ETFs.

So, if you trade commodities, here are some expert tips for you to consider moving forward.

The volume that appears on the screen does not automatically equate to its liquidity

Unlike stocks and LICs,

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Hello Traders!

Welcome to our blog. Please find your way through the menu. Feel free to reach out to for assistance.

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