Pair Trading Research

Knowledge is power. Please kindly find below numerous pair trading research studies and articles.  Take a deep dive!  If you are new to pair trading, we recommend you read the basic pair trading research only.  This approach will allow you to avoid getting overwhelmed by the maths.  Our advanced pair trading research is for more seasoned pair traders with mathematical ability.  As you gain confidence and profitability with this tested hedge fund trading strategy, you may then wish to dive deeper into the advanced studies to refine your approach and increase your opportunities.

Please note: you don’t need to understand complex mathematics to successfully pair trade. With PairTrade Finder®, we have taken the hard work out of the equation and made pair trading simple and easy.  For more information, please visit


Basic Research & Articles

Pairs Trading: Is It Applicable to Exchange-Traded Funds?

Saxobank 2014: Has Equity Pair Trading Had Its Day?

Basic Introduction to Pair Trading

Finding Profit in Pairs

Trading Pairs by Douglas S. Ehrman

Trade Pairs like a Hedge Fund

Pair Trading Papers

Evaluation of Pairs Trading Strategy at the Brazilian Financial Market

Pair Trading using Options

Statistical Arbitrage

How to use pairs trading strategy with ETF

Pairs Trading with ETFs 1

Correlation vs. Co-integration

A Drunk and Her Dog: An Illustration of Cointegration and Error Correction

Pair Trading with ETFs 2

Advanced Research

Pairs Trading – Copula vs. Cointegration

Pairs Trading with Partial Cointegration

Pairs Trading in Cryptocurrencies

Quantitative Look at Pairs Trading

Mathematical Look at Pair Trading


Mean Reversions 2: Pair Trading Strategies

Empirical investigations of Equity Pairs Trading Strategy

Leveraged Investment Showdown

Pairs trading and selection methods: Is cointegration superior?

A drunk and her dog: a spurious relation? Cointegration

A New Approach to Pairs Trading: Using Fundamental Data to Find Optimal Portfolios

Pair-trading profitability and short-selling restriction: Evidence from the Taiwan stock market

Pair Trading Research: Strategies