Entry Trading Signal of 30/7/2019, Exit 20/8/2019:

Patterson-UTI Energy Inc. (PTEN:NASDAQ)  vs.

Vermilion Energy Inc. (VET:NYSE)

$1,296 in 16 Market Days

33% Return on Margin

(based on $10,000/leg and 5:1 CFD margin)


Pair Trading Software

Learn to Pair Trade Stocks with PairTrade Finder® PRO in order to:

  • Seek consistent profits regardless of market direction (Bull market? Bear market? Sideways?  It doesn’t matter with pair trading)
  • Use hedged positions to protect from a market crash (you are long and short correlated stocks in equal measure)
  • Create, backtest and generate trading signals from your own custom long/short portfolio
  • Manage the whole trading plan in under an hour/day, once you’ve learned your craft

Our Recipe for How to Succeed at Trading Today:

Sign up for our free 30-Minute Webinar Trade Like a Hedge Fund to take a deeper dive into the oldest and arguably most successful hedge fund trading strategy.  Once you join our Webinar we will send you our free eBook with 11 Lessons from Pro pair traders.  We will also offer you a 15-day free trial of our software (no payment required) pre-loaded with our Top 30 U威而鋼
S Equities Pairs that generate immediate trading signals for you to review.

In addition to these trading signals, free triallers also receive complimentary access to our 3-Hour, 11 Lecture Pair Trading Video Training Course. Taught by a professional pair trader, this series presents pair trading in simple, easily accessible terms.  Our training course gives you the tools to learn how succeed at trading in as short a time as possible.

You can also take advantage of our extensive library of Pair Trading Resources.  Knowledge is Power!

Happy trading.

NB: The Top 30 example equities pairs in PairTrade Finder® PRO and the trading signals generated therefrom are provided for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as personalised investment advice. It should not be assumed that trading using the parameters demonstrated by the Software will be profitable and will not result in losses. Please see our full Terms & Disclaimer here.

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